Point of Sale Integration

Restaurant owners can spend 4-6 hours a week creating work schedules, managing conflicts, or making changes. Why not integrate your scheduler with your point of sale system to save time and headaches!

Manager's Benefits

  • Go online anytime, anywhere to edit, create, and change schedules
  • Communicate instant changes or company memos via text message or email
  • Reduce your work load by having Auphan Scheduler coordinate shift swapping or trades with your approval
  • Sync clock-in and clock-out data on the POS, reducing manual entry when calculating payroll
  • Gain more insight into how much your spending on labor costs daily
  • No dataserver or hardware maintence needed onsite


Keep Everyone Informed

Auphan Scheduler works on many levels to keep everyone informed. It's easy and convenient for your staff to login anytime to check of upcoming work schedules. Just log in online using a secure user ID and password to be connected. Share important dates, request days off, set preferred shifts, and update availability or trade shifts. It keeps you informed and your workforce happy by reducing miscommunication and misunderstandings when changes occur. 

Your integration with Auphan POS Systems and Scheduling system offers a streamlined approach to scheduling by tying together two great systems into one. This means gathering more information about your workforce and ensuring the hours they've worked and payable is accurate. Auphan POS integration allows you to sync clock in/ out times, letting you track POS actual punch in times to your scheduler. This significantly reduces the time taken to compare actual hours and days worked to your planned scheduele.

You'll get details reports comparing your labour and sales so you know how well you are compare over the years as you grow your business.