Key Features

Create, Change, and Communicate

Ideal for Managers

Secure and Accessible from Anywhere

Log in remotely from anywhere to create, change, or communicate your schedules and company messages.

Text Messaging Updates

Easily approve time off request, notify staff instantly, edit schedules and publish them on the go. Reach your staff easily through text messaging or email notifications.

Nothing to Download or Install

Our cloud-based  application lets you have access to your data. There is no software to download and no hardware to maintain onsite.

Multi-Store Scheduling

Manage all your stores and staff schedules in one area to help you reduce shift conflicts and maintain an organized employee profile for HR.

Point of Sale Integration

Combine our powerful scheduling system with Auphan POS Systems to sync and gather sales, labor, and employee data to create efficient schedules and budget on labour cost. 

Easy for Employees

24/7 Access Online

Staff can easily log in to view their schedules online. It's quick and fast so they don't need to come in to pick-up or look at schedules.

Ask for Shift Trading

Employees can request or offer shift trades with other staff members letting them be able to take on more shifts when they are available.

Make Time Off Request

Employees can make time off requests to managers or reply back quickly to emails regarding any issues internally in our program.

Full Browser Support

We use the latest web-browsers that include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Internet Explorer 7+ accommodating everyone's online preferences.

Mobile Web Applications

Receive schedules and messages on any smartphone for those on the go. 

Coming soon!