About Auphan Software

Company Information

Auphan Software Corp was founded in 2002, and began its program development in point of sale systems and system solutions for the food and hospitality industry. Growth and demand created the development of Auphan Scheduler; a cloud based online employee scheduling system that allows managers to easily create, change, and communicate new schedules, shifts, and internal company memos to their staff quickly and effectively.

Founded on a strong philosophy of creating easy to use, innovative, and affordable products for customers, Auphan Software provides leading edge software tools that are made to replace the hassles of traditional scheduling and people management. We utilize online applications to bring about change in performing daily activities while less time is needed on routine tasks and more can be focused on growing your business.

Auphan Software brings together an abundance of technology and service offerings that focus on                            Innovation, Value, and Complete Business Solution that seamlessly work together.


Auphan Scheduling and Communication software services is constantly evolving and improving to meet the needs of our customers through new version updates. In our updates customers can expect to see improvements in existing features and new capabilities.

Our philosophy focuses on these core attributes:

Ease of Use

A primary objective is to create products that anyone can use. This means you don’t need to be a technical expert to use our products. Auphan Scheduler is intuitive and beautifully designed for the novice and advance user. Our focus on details ensures better ease of use and friendly interface.

Group Engagement

We understand that scheduling is not always an easy task, considering the number of staff employed and variables that can affect how you plan your work schedule. For this reason we encourage and facilitate group collaboration and communication through Auphan Scheduler so you and your staff can notify each other quickly and efficiently.

Web Based Technology

Auphan Scheduler is an on demand cloud based online scheduling system to allow customers to login into their system anytime, from anywhere. Our development focuses on utilizing the web to allow you to do more than you normally would with conventional scheduling software by providing real time accessible data.