Product Highlights

Real Time Reporting Anywhere with an Internet Connection

No Software to Install or Download

Auphan Scheduler is a cloud scheduling application so you have access to your information anytime.

Key Features

Works Independently or Together With Your Auphan POS System

  • Employee clock in & out times syncs from the POS into the scheduler to monitor early or late work times.
  • Create the shifts needs for specific days with required skill level/ wage grade
  • Handles multiple stores and different staff schedules i.e. kitchen, server, bar etc staff
  • Emails and SMS Text Message Shifts or company memos instantly to your staff

Automated Scheduling

  • Automatically assign shifts to employees
  • Automatically calculate hours
  • Reuse schedule templates for recurring shifts
  • Flexible editing and administrative options
  • Smart scheduler provides suggestions to schedules where requirements or hours not met or conflicts occur

Scheduling Alerts and Restrictions

  • Set minimums and maximums
    • Hours per day
    • Hours per week
    • Shifts per day
  • Warned alerts on schedules created that have conflicts, overtime, or insufficient skills met
  • Availability profiles can be created for each employee
  • Assign, manage or approve requested and changes

Flexible Reporting Features

  • View by week, month, or any date range
  • Summarize hours, overtime, and costs
  • Conflicts immediately flagged for correction
  • All reports and schedules can be printed and posted

Employee Access

  • 24/7 Access to view schedules online
  • Request days off via internet upon approval
  • Swap shifts between employees upon approval
  • Update availability and restrictions
  • Receives all internal emails and company calendar sharing features

Multi-Store Reporting

  • Create schedules for multiple stores and staff members employed at different stores
  • Centralized system to view of work schedules
  • View multiple or single schedules in a calendar