Product Overview

Online Scheduling and Communication

Auphan Scheduler is an online scheduling and communication system that’s accessible from any web browser. This means you and your staff have 24/7 access to the most up-to-date information, allowing you to create schedules while keeping your employees informed of any changes.

Real Time Changes from Anywhere

Auphan Scheduler is the fastest and easiest way to quickly edit your schedules. We provide a secure web account that allows you to log in and create, change, and communicate information company-wide.

Automated Shift Assignment

It can sometimes be difficult to plan a schedule, so let Auphan’s automated shift assignment help you create a work schedule. Auphan Scheduler will automatically generate a schedule based on employee availability and the positions required for that week -saving you time!

Custom Settings with Easy Drag and Drop Interface

Our simple to use drag and drop interface lets you easily assign and reassign shifts when needed. It’s intuitive and easy for administrators to set up permissions, manage time preferences, holidays, calculate wages, or create templates of past schedules and much more.

Centralized Information

Forget about putting post it notes around your office or filing information into storage- where it easily can be misplaced. Auphan Scheduler provides a central information centre where multiple administrators can log in to retrieve or update information. Scheduling can be easy when it's organized and viewed on a single calendar so you get a snapshot of what's happening each day.

Collaborative Approach to Scheduling

We understand that creating a schedule takes into account changes on employee availability, vacations, sick days, shift requests, budgeting and much more. With this on your plate, scheduling can become tedious, time-consuming and costly when you're paying for unnecessary overtime. This is why Auphan Scheduler assists you in getting your staff involved in the scheduling process.

Auphan Scheduler gets your staff involved by inviting them to log in to view their schedule, provide input on availability, and send emails. At the same time it's flexibility and convenience makes shift request or trades (upon a managers approval ) easy and without the need to call in. It removes the traditional routine tasks and upkeep in scheduling and condenses time spent with new tools that lets you build your schedule efficiently in real time. 

Group Communication via Text, Email, and Built-in Messaging

Group communication is an integral part of any business. Auphan Scheduler provides a plateform where you can facilitate group communication quickly and easily so specific individuals or groups can be reached. Send immediate notification of shift changes, new schedules, or company-wide announcements. With a centralized employee database, you can manage an unlimited number of employees for one or multiple stores. One button sends notifications to their cell phone or email instantly.

  • Reduce lateness, absenteeism, schedule conflicts, availability conflicts and missed notifications
  • Improve employee moral though easy communication
  • 24/7 access for you and your staff