Auphan Surveillance Systems Viewable on your Mobile Device

Capture Live Transactions on Your Mobile Device

Auphan is pleased to offer POS integration and mobile integration with Nuuo Surveillance Systems. The Nuuo Main Console System provides top of the line video recording software to support IP cameras.  It can display live video or stream videos from multiple IP Cameras to the Nuuo Live Viewer Program, Internet Explorer web interface, or onto any mobile device (iphone-iOs, Android, and Blackberry) thus giving operator’s full security and surveillance over their establishment.


The Nuuo Camera System offers an impressive range of high tech functionalities that include: motion detection, foreign object detection, email and telephone alerts, infrared and low light switching for facial detail display in the dark and more.

Customers can integrate their Auphan POS system with the Nuuo Surveillance System to display text image of employee transactions while recording all entries on the point of sale. Transactions such as deletes, refunds, payments and more are displayed in text and imbedded into the video for future playback. This allows operators the ability to identify shrinkage, theft, or suspicious activities done anywhere, anytime. 


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Auphan Software, head office in Vancouver, British Columbia provides enterprise applications for the foodservice and hospitality industries, with offices in Canada, United States, and Asia. Auphan Software develops advanced web enabled point of sales solutions for independent and multi-unit franchise and chain stores with multi-language abilities.

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