Gift and Loyalty Reward Cards

Merchants using Auphan point of sale systems can now take advantage of the new gift and loyalty card program integrated with their system. Auphan’s Gift and Loyalty Reward Card Program allows merchants to process gift and loyalty cards at any of their locations. Merchants may put any dollar value onto their customers reward card allowing them to pay and collect points all at once. There is no need to fumble for change when you have a reloadable gift and loyalty reward card in your wallet.

Gift cards are an excellent way to promote and bring in more and new business any time of the year. Customer gift card purchases are highest in December; however, a gift card is an everyday sale item that should be available on your menu. There are several holidays and special occasions throughout the year where merchants have the opportunity to increase customer loyalty, spending, and retention.

But why go the extra way to have a loyalty program? First, it works together with your gift card system and can help you retain customers. Few independent stores realize the opportunity to have a loyalty program- because it’s costly, hard to implement, or just its not available on the system but there is a growing number that are seeing results when they do. In an industry with stiff competition it makes sense to offer some sort of reward so your customers prefer to purchase from you. Loyalty programs are measurable and for this reason it’s a winning solution for you and your customer. It’s easy to participate and rewards are attainable for free items, discounts, coupons, or any other non monetary reward for their patronage. Mixing tangible with soft benefits like special access to special events, deals, or preferred treatment reinforces that they are a valued customer.

With an enhanced business directory underway, merchants can allow customers to easily register online at  to order, pay online using their gift card, check card balances, review and reorder past purchases and more. Future upgrades will be available to help merchants enhance their online communication efforts with their customers for those using the loyalty reward program. 

Repost May 19,2010


For more information about the Gift and Loyalty Rewards program please contact our sales team.
Toll Free: 1-888-618-6688.